Monday, May 30, 2016

Where Have I Been?


Sorry, but every time I sit down to write a blog post I stop and say to myself, "You should probably stop goofing around and get back to editing your book."

But it's not that simple. Actually, my time for editing has been cut short by a few things in my non-writing life that are way beyond my control. Family, illness, work... They've all been quite demanding and I think I've made the right choices with my time in that respect.

So, when will I start posting regular blog updates again? When my book is finished being edited and I send it around to my friends and family (and who knows, maybe some fans?) for a final proof read.

Don't expect me back here until at least July, though. That's when I hope to get my new book out, and then I can focus on a few things I've been cooking up. Specifically, I want to write a short story or two in my novel series' universe to flesh out some minor characters and just have fun writing something a little more self-contained. I don't plan to charge for these, so I think a relaxed attitude regarding spoilers for those individual works might make it easier to blog about the writing process.

Just an idea... I'm heading back to Scrivener now to look for continuity issues, thematic issues, confusing sentences and inadvertently-included grocery lists I forgot to remove.